Bubbles and Bows: Classic Gifts with a Modern Twist
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A Pig Story

In the Middle Ages, before modern banking, people would save their money at home. They would have inexpensive jars made from an orange colored clay called “pygg”. Ultimately, with the evolution of the English language, “pygg” became pig; and when people asked for pig banks, potters created clay pots in the shape of pigs. Thus, the piggy bank as we know it was born.

Piggy Banks are a beautiful gift that can complement a child’s room, but that’s not all they’re good for. These iconic gifts teach children the value of money, and the importance of saving. Using a piggy bank allows children (or adults) to save a little bit at a time, and consistently reinforces the idea of saving. Children will be excited to feed their hungry piggy with loose change around the house. This not only keeps change out of your cushions, but excites their imagination on what they can do with the money, once the bank is full!